Vintage Motorcycle Restoration Services

Vintage Motorcycle Restoration Services

Full Restorations

With your motorcycle as a starting point, or with a core bike provided by us, we can build the bike you want to your own specifications. We are ready to work with you to ensure that you get the best possible motorcycle within your budget, with the level of originality or improvement you desire.

We can provide guidance in engine, chassis and suspension improvements, as well as sourcing of top quality parts to ensure top performance. From original and historically accurate, to custom and performance oriented, we can do it.

Vintage Motorcycle Engine Rebuild

Attention to detail and quality are the goals we strive for in every project we undertake. With years of experience, we can deliver a motor you can have confidence in for your next project. From the cosmetic finishes of the cases and covers to the clearances of the internal components, we make sure it’s done right.
Rebuilds include:

  • Disassembly and evaluation of all motor components
  • Careful cleaning and refinishing of all parts including polishing of aluminum covers and checking all gasket sealing surfaces
  • Replacement of all seals and bearings
  • Boring and honing of cylinders
  • Replacement of pistons, rings, valves, valve guides, valve springs, clutch plates and chains
  • Careful assembly to factory tolerances to ensure peak performance and reliability

Vintage Transmission Rebuilds

Gearboxes can be the most daunting part of a motorcycle for even experienced mechanics. We can evaluate and restore your vintage gearbox to like new condition with new bearings, seals and gaskets as well as cosmetic restoration of covers and cases. A well sorted and smooth shifting transmission makes every ride more enjoyable and adds to the value of your project.

Performance Upgrades

Camshafts, ignitions, cylinder head porting, compression increases and carburetor upgrades are all popular ways to get more from your engine. With the right combination you can either have a more powerful and fun to ride machine or a loud, vibrating, difficult to start liability. We can help you get more speed and fun, without sacrificing the reliability and usefulness of your bike. Tell us what you’re looking for. Better brakes? Better handling? More power? We can make it happen.


A great paint job takes any bike to the next level. We can provide correct, restoration quality paint for your museum quality project, or a wild custom color scheme like no other. Working with your goals and budget to get you the look you want is our priority.

Wheel Building

New rims and spokes laced to your original hubs can transform the look of your machine. We can refinish original components or provide new alternatives to get the look you want. Want to change tire sizes for a custom/performance project? We can refurbish, lace and true your wheels to fit. New tires and bearings finish off the job, giving you a set of beautiful wheels to make your bike better than ever.

Front End Rebuilds

Forks have a huge role to play in the handling and comfort of a motorcycles ride. Internal bearing and control surfaces have to be clean and in good condition to work as their manufacturers intended. A quality front end rebuild includes replacing all worn components and careful assembly. We can also help to tune the performance of your suspension by customizing spring rates and fork oil viscosity. Polishing, plating and painting of external components as needed finishes off the job. Getting your forks in good shape, performing properly, can give your old bike a more confident feel on the road. Let us stop those bumps, wobbles and oil leaks for you.


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